Hello, I’m Shae, a Mother deeply led by my heart to coach and mentor other Mothers who are ready to release guilt and access the depth of their desire, worth and self love.

Like me, you may have found yourself disconnected from your body and your sexuality after having children. For so long, my focus was everywhere but myself. Little did I know that connecting back to my sensual self, honouring my sexuality and deepening into pleasure is where I would discover presence, happiness and self love.

When I prioritised my self in this way, everything else in life began to flow effortlessly from this sacred place.

I believe it is the birthright of everyone to live in deep connection to their desire. Why? Because honouring our desire illuminates our path to self love and creates the fertile ground and capacity to serve as vibrant, loving and present mothers and partners.

Mothers of Desire is a community dedicated to healing and transforming our relationship with desire. We are about living extraordinary lives, deepening our intimate relationships, healing our lineage and teaching our children self love.

I invite you to join me on this amazing journey of transforming your relationship to DESIRE. xx


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